Built by real estate
Built by real estate
Intelas is the industry leader in financial data standardizationWe are real estate professionals from firms like Blackstone, Tishman Speyer, Angelo Gordon, and Greystar, who have personally experienced the frustration of manually collecting and analyzing data in our own portfolios. We understand the problems, and we’ve built the practical tools to solve them.
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During my time at Blackstone and AEW, I bought and asset managed both small and large portfolios. I wanted to view metrics such as actual to budget comparison, lease trade outs, delinquency rates, and more.To save time, I enlisted the help of various prop-tech firms and also hired in-house engineers to help with the process. While exciting at first, it soon became clear that data lakes and BI tools meant nothing if the underlying data wasn’t accurate and couldn’t be collected at scale.Unfortunately there was no technology solution for the data collection and standardization part of the process. My only option was a highly manual workflow to collect reporting from all the different partners, reformat the data sets in Excel, manually check the data for errors, and so on.This painful process caused me to team up with some former colleagues and start Intelas. Our mission is to provide the real estate industry with the tools needed to collect and standardize property-level data at scale. Because better insights start with better data
Dimitrios PilitsisFounder, CEO
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CareersAre you passionate about real estate and financial data? Do you want to be part of an innovative company that leverages AI to transform data management in the real estate industry? If you're interested in joining our dynamic team, we'd love to hear from you!Contact us at: recruiting@intelas.com
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