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and Executive Team
Tech and Innovation
Your workflow should save time, not spend it
Our system uses machine learning to process thousands of account codes, catching errors in a fraction of the time teams spend on manual validation.Replace repetitive, mundane tasks with automated
workflows that free up time to drive strategic analysis.
Put your monthly process
on autopilot
Data Collection
  • Collect any file in any format
  • Normalize to uniform standard
  • Managers and JV partners do not have to change their process and can continue to operate without any material changes
  • Map to a standard chart of accounts
  • Smart rules for auto categorization
Validation Rules
  • Reclass found
  • Trial balance does not sum to zero
  • Expense misclassified
  • GL and TB do not tie
Version Control
  • Track the latest versions
  • See the variants between different versions
  • Approve the final version

Data Sets

Trial Balance
General Ledger
Aged Receivables
Balance Sheet
Operating Metrics
+ Many More

* Contact us for custom data sets

Purpose-Built Software, In-House
No manual offshore contractorsNo outsourced laborNo third-party tech
TiaraSenior Associate
10,000 Unit Multifamily Owner
Our monthly reporting cycle used to be an all-out sprint from the moment we received financials from our operating partners to when we could deliver them to the asset management team. With Intelas, we’ve significantly reduced the time spent collecting and cleaning property financial statements.
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